Frequently Asked Questions


Which Event Log Monitor to use for Vista?

Can I use the old EventLog Monitor with Vista?

How to use Stored Procedures with ‘write database’?

How can I make Event ID part of the actual Syslog message while forwarding to a Syslog Server?

What is the log file format for generating reports with Monilog for MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog and EventReporter?

How can I use a second sound card with the Play Sound Action?

Records are not displayed on the Web when MYSQL was the underline database ?

Step by Step Guide for Viewing Syslog Messages on Web

How to upgrade EventReporter from Version 5.x to 8.x and lower?

How to use the Event Severity filter?

Migrating the Rules from EventReporter to MonitorWare Agent

Configurations for Forwarding the Events

How to create complex filter conditions?

Help with troubleshooting Eventreporter upgrades

Authentication problem while using MySQL Version 4.X

Setup Error 1923

How to install EventReporter completely in silent mode?

How to install the EventReporter Service?

How to update from an older installation

Error 2356 while applying the Eventreporter Patchfile.

EventReporter 6.0 / 6.1 Update Problem

My license key seems not to work – what to do?

Is SMS-alerting possible with a GSM modem and the Send to Communications Port-Action?

How to perform a mass rollout?

How to run MonitorWareLine Products on Windows Cluster Servers?

EventReporter Syslog Formats

Why did the version upgrade fail?

WMI returns 98 percent value while querying LoadPercentage property in Windows 2000

Export settings to a registry file

Nextel to Receive Emails

Enabling Security Auditing

Hardware Configurations for Receiving Messages

How can I send my configuration in a support case?

What is the recommended order of Stopping MonitorWare Agent / EventReporter / WinSyslog Service?

Which Product Should I Purchase?

How can I copy the current configuration to the other servers?

Do I need a new Key for an Upgrade?

Can Event Reporter work with custom evt-files?

Can EventReporter work with custom event logs?

Timestamp in field “ReceivedAt” and “DeviceReportedTime” stored in the database is wrong ?

Does UNC Pathes work for WinSyslog, EventReporter and MonitorWare Agent ?

When starting EventReporter, I get the message: “FATAL error opening the EventReporter language file”

My license key seems not to work – what to do?

How to setup MonitorWare Products to use MySQL as database?

How to configure Cisco products for logging?

Numeric values for event severity levels

How to set the Windows 2000 event log size?

I receive setup error 1904 when installing an Adiscon product – what to do?

What is “Event ID 107”?

SMTP Error Codes

High CPU utilization while EventReporter and WinSyslog are running

My syslog daemon does not log messages – what is wrong?

What is the format of an EventReporter Syslog Message?

What is the Mapping between EventLog Severity and Syslog Priority?

How can I change the default syslog port?

How to parse an EventReporter Syslog Message in Perl?

Can Sybari Antigen virus alerts be forwarded to a syslog daemon?

Is EventReporter compatible with my syslog daemon?

Does EventReporter support DBCS character sets (e. g. Japanese)?

Error 1067 “Process Terminated unexpectedly” – what to do?

How to solve permission errors for remote logging?

How can I make Event ID part of the actual Syslog message while forwarding to a Syslog Server?

Is it possible to make an upgrade from a previous version as a non-UpgradeInsurance customer?

Do I need a new Key for an Upgrade?

I get format message errors (code 317). What does this mean?

Which Event Log Monitor to use for Vista?

Default Timevalues Setting in EventReporter/MonitorWare Agent/WinSyslog explained

What does Event ID 1011 mean?

Error on startup (Error event ID: 7026) explained

How can I install EventReporter unattended?


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