Can Event Reporter work with custom evt-files?

Does EventReporter read the custom evt file?
We have an application where we log our events to custom evt files (e.g. QueryAnalyzer.evt). I would like to test EventReporter on this.

Yes, EventReporter can work with custom evt files.
To do so, please create an EventLog Monitor Service,insert and then specify the name of the new eventlog category, after this press save.

Figure1: Creating a new EventLog Category


Okay, that was the main creation of a new EventLog Category to monitor. Now we have to configure this Category in that way, that it is been linked to an *.evt file. Mark the new created Category and then click on Advanced. A popup window like the one below will open up, here please check the “Read Eventlog from File” checkbox and then browse to the filename (*.evt). Leave all other settings default, click on OK and save changes:

Figure2: Configuring EventReporter for reading custom EVT File(s)

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Can Event Reporter work with custom evt-files?
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