Edition comparision

Eventreporter Editions

EventReporter comes in several editions, each one with the same core engine but different advanced features. This page here helps you decide which edition is best for your needs.

The EventReporter license document – EULA is also available for online viewing.

Please see the feature sheet below to learn on the different product capabilities.

Main Differences
Event Log Monitor
Remote Event Log Monitor
(requires a license for each remotely monitored system)
Advanced Eventlog Clearing Option
MonitorWare Echo Reply
Log File Writer
Log Rotation for File Writer
Database Writer
Event Log Writer
Compute Status Variable
EMail Forwarder
Syslog Forwarder
Syslog RFC5424 support
Syslog RFC5425 (TLS/SSL) support
RFC3195 compliant Syslog Forwarder
SETP Client
SSL-enabled SETP Client
External Program Starter
"NET SEND" Alerter
Property Modification
Status Modification
Call Another RuleSet
Sound Player
Communication Port Sender
Flexible Rule Engine
Multiple Conditions
Unlimited Actions per Event
Unlimited Rules per Rule Set
Unlimited Rule Set
Add-On Support
64 bit ready
Works with MoniLog
Works with MonitorWare Console
Works with Web Event Viewer
Available Support & Service Packages
Free Online Support Forum
Free email support
Custom Development
(includes email priority support)

Questions remaining? No problem: just contact us via the Customer Service System!

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