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Can I use the old EventLog Monitor with Vista?

Windows Vista available since early 2007. Due to the changes Microsoft introduced with Vista, the procedure for monitoring event logs with the non-Vista event log monitor has changed.  Adiscon introduced the native Vista EventLog Monitor V2 which requires no specific prerequisites. Some customers still prefer to use the previous EventLog Monitor. We recommend against this. […]

How to use Stored Procedures with ‘write database’?

EventReporter, MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog support stored procedures in their ‘write database’ actions. This option is supported for Microsoft SQL Server only. With other database systems, it might work, but Adiscon does not guarantee it. Stored procedures are used just like database tables. The main difference is that instead of the table name, the stored […]

How to upgrade EventReporter from Version 5.x to 8.x and lower?

Configuration settings are totally different between version 5.x and 8.x The EventReporter configuration program can perform this upgrade automatically. To do so, be sure to start the EventReporter configuration program before starting the service. 1. Once you have started the new EventReporter Client, it will popup with this window if a EventReporter 5.x installation was […]

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