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Migrating the Rules from EventReporter to MonitorWare Agent

How can I migrate the rules that I have defined in EventReporter to MonitorWare Agent? This FAQ is only applicable to those who are using EventReporter 6.x and MonitorWare Agent 1.2 or higher. Follow the steps below: Click on Start and go to run. Type regedit. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adiscon\EventReporter\RuleSets Export the above mentioned key and […]

Configurations for Forwarding the Events

I have EventReporters running on various Windows Machines/Servers. I want to forward all the Windows Event Log messages to the central Server. What configurations should i make? For all the Window machines, which are forwarding the data to the central server, following should be the configurations for EventReporters running on them: Right click on “Services” […]

How to install EventReporter completely in silent mode?

If you would like to install Eventreporter completely silent using the command-line interface, this can be achieved using the EvtRpt.exe Installer. For this example, we’ll install EventReporter to the default folder “C:\program files\EventReporter”. Use the following command: start /WAIT evtrpt.exe /s /w /v”/qn INSTALLDIR=C:\progra~1\EventReporter” This will install EventReporter completely into “C:\program files\EventReporter” from the file […]

How to install the EventReporter Service?

The service program (evntslog.exe) is automatically copied during EventReporter setup. However, it is not installed into the services database. To do so, start the client and click “File”/”Install Service”. If you are doing an engine-only install, you can register the EventReporter service via the command prompt. To do so, change the current working directory to […]

How to update from an older installation

Because older version of EventReporter (known as EvntSLog) had no installer, you have to follow these instructions. How to update: You haven’t installed the new version yet? Good! 1. Stop the (older) Eventreporter service and start the setup. 2. Choose the same Installation-directory as the old installation of EnventReporter. 3. Apply the installation. 4. Start […]

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