Author : adisconteam

EventReporter 6.0 / 6.1 Update Problem

If you update either EventReporter 6.0 / 6.1 to the latest 6.x EventReporter versions, the service exe is not overwritten. To workaround this problem: Update to the latest EventReporter Version Make sure EventReporter service is stopped Delete the file evntslog.exe (Which is the EventReporter Service exe) Start the updated Setup again and choose the Repair […]

EventReporter Syslog Formats

Starting from EventReporter 7, enhanced formatting is supported. The backside of this is that things are a bit more complicated than in previous versions. If you would like to receive the past message format, you can do either of two things: 1. Uncheck the “Use Legacy Format” checkbox inside the EventLogMonitor’s advanced options (Figure1, by […]

Nextel to Receive Emails

I am using Nextel services. Is it possible to receive MonitorWare Alerts on my mobile device? If you are enjoying Nextel services, you can use your mobile devices to receive alerts and emails from MonitorWare Products. You just specify your email using the Nextel phone number in the Forward via Email action properties. For example: […]

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