Enabling Security Auditing

My application is not logging security events. What can be done?

Sometimes EventReporter or MonitorWare Agent is not logging your security events. It may be because of the fact that security auditing is disabled in the Windows security policies. To enable the Security Auditing, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to Start -> Control Panel.
  2. Click Administrative Tools.
  3. Select Local Security Policy.
  4. Click on the + next to Local Policies to expand the tree.
  5. Select Audit Policy.
  6. For each option in the right panel you can double-click on it to select Success or Failure logging.

Note: To disable logging for an option, please uncheck both the Success and Failure boxes. Logging also effects system performance, so keep justifiable balance between your logging as well as performance needs.

Enabling Security Auditing
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