How can I change the default syslog port?

We would like to pass EventReporter messages through a firewall. For security reasons, we do not like to open the standard syslog port on the firewall. Is there any way to have EventReporter use a different port? We also would like to know which exact protocol EventReporter uses, so that we can fully configure the firewall.

EventReporter supports the standard syslog protocol. This is port 514 via  UDP. The product uses standard socket calls to retrieve the port number. As such, you can configure the port via etc/services (usually stored at “c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc” under Windows NT / 2000). Search for “syslog”.  The udp entry holds the port number. If you change that number and restart EventReporter, it will use the new value. Please note that you also need to reconfigure your syslog daemon, as it otherwise expects messages to arrive on port 514.

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How can I change the default syslog port?
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