Author : Ulrike Gerhards

How can I make Event ID part of the actual Syslog message while forwarding to a Syslog Server?

Created 2004-06-24 by Tamsila-Q-Siddique. We are using MonitorWare Agent / EventReporter to forward Windows Event logs to a Syslog Server. The resulting syslog message doesn’t have the Event IDs in them. How can we make Event ID part of the actual Syslog message? One of the proposed solution would be to forward the Event Log […]

EventReporter 14.3 Released

Build-IDs: Service 14.3.395, Client 14.3.484  Features   OpenSSL library updated to 1.0.2h. Adiscon SNMP Mib: Changed DisplayString limit from 255 characters to 65536. Now, strings above 255 characters can be send using the adiscon mibs.    Bugfixes   Configuration client: Send Syslog Action: Fixed an issue with the “Disable processing, forward as it is” Option. […]

EventReporter 14.2a Released

Build-IDs: Service 14.2.389, Client  Features   Configuration Client: Added support to read and wrote settings by using remote registry services. Requires remote registry service and sufficient access rights.    Bugfixes   Configuration client:  Fixed Range Start and End fields visibility in filter settings view. Added missing Insert Entries for Event Keyword, Event KeywordID and […]

EventReporter 14.2 Released

Build-IDs: Service 14.2.388, Client  Features   Components: Updated OpenSSL 1.0.2e. Engine: When using TLS Mode x509/Name, permitted peers will also checked against the certificate Subject Alternative Name (SAN) now. EventLog Monitor V2: Added new Option “Wait time after action failure” which specifies the wait time after an action error occurred. Without the wait time, […]

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