EventReporter 14.3 Released

Build-IDs: Service 14.3.395, Client 14.3.484



  • OpenSSL library updated to 1.0.2h.
  • Adiscon SNMP Mib: Changed DisplayString limit from 255 characters to 65536. Now, strings above 255 characters can be send using the adiscon mibs.




  • Configuration client:
    • Send Syslog Action: Fixed an issue with the “Disable processing, forward as it is” Option. RawSyslogMsg property is used instead of msg property.
    • Send Relp Action: Fixed an issue in the Session Close shutdown procedure which could lead to leaking sessions on Relp Servers.
    • Send Relp Action: Fixed an issue setting a proper status on failure.
    • Send Relp Action: Fixed a problem handling socket failures.
    • File Action: Fixed issue detecting the last used file on startup when Circular Logging is enabled.
    • Event Monitor V2: Dynamic properties could break XML format if they contained spaces in their name. Spaces and control characters are now properly replaced with underscores.
    • Property Replacer: Date related options are now evaluated before and after the property is truncated. But only if a match before the string truncation was not successful.
EventReporter 14.3 Released
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