EventReporter 5.1 Beta 1 released

Erftstadt, Germany, 2001-02-07.

Beta 1 of EventReporter 5.1 has been released today. The new version provides some very important enhancements:

  • Fully Unicode based. EventReporter now utilizes Unicode (UCS-2) for all internal processing. This provides the basis for enhanced output character encoding as well as better performance (all-Unicode programs run faster under Windows NT / 2000 as the operating system itself is based on Unicode).
  • Syslog Message Numbers – a big security plus. If enabled, EventReporter “stamps” each syslog message sent with a unique ID. So missing messages can be immediately noticed. This feature can be disabled if desired (important for existing installations parsing EventReporter messages).
  • Selectable output character encoding. This feature is mainly for Japanese users. All messages sent can now be either encoded based on the system default encoding (SJIS on Japanese systems), JIS or EUC-JP. The encoding is selectable individually for each syslog server as well as each email setting.
  • Remote Administration – the client can now connect to remote systems and configure them.
  • Client now supports a “Reload” Button – a great time saver when testing complex filter rules.
  • some minor bugs fixed

For more details, please read the Version History.

Version 5.1 beta 1 is available immediately. Download your copy today!

EventReporter 5.1 Beta 1 released
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