EventReporter 5.1 Beta 1

Release Date: 2001-02-07

This version (build 147) has been released to the public on 2001-02-07. It is a first publicly available 5.1 release. It is a beta build.

It contains the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Fully based on Unicode. This enables the product to process all international characters in the Windows NT event logs. Also further speeds up the product, as Unicode-based processes can be executed faster by Windows NT (NT itself is based on Unicode – non-Unicode applications need to use a translation layer which takes it’s time toll).
  • Selectable output character encoding supporting system standard, EUC-JP and JIS. Specifically build in for the Japanese market.
  • Syslog messages can now be consecutively numbered. So it is easy to detect if someone has deleted some messages from the syslog files.
  • Remote Administration – client can now manage remote instances of EventReporter as long as there is network connectivity between the client and the machine the service is running on.
  • Time savers in client: “Reload” and “Restore to Default” buttons. Customer feedback told us these were really missing!
  • some minor bug fixes
EventReporter 5.1 Beta 1
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