EventReporter 7 Beta 1

Release Date: 2004-09-24

New Features in the EventReporter Service

  • EventLog Monitor : Major enhancement in the Eventlog Monitor. It is possible to process eventlogs from custom Eventlogtypes. You can configure as many custom Eventlogtypes as you want in a configuration list.
  • Protect Agent against Service shutdown: This new feature has been added. When enabled, the EventReporter Service will not stop processing the internal queue when it is stopped. Please note that it will remain in the stopping state then.
  • Eventlog Action: Event Source is now fully configurable
  • Added new Service: MonitorWare Echo Reply Services: The Echo Reply service is used on each of the installed EventReporter. Then, a central agent (Running MWAgent) is using the Echo Request and instructed to poll each of the other EventReporter Services. When the Request can not be carried out successfully, an alert can be generated. The MonitorWare echo protocol ensures that always a fresh probe of the remote EventReporter Service is done.
  • Event Log Monitor: added an option to allow ignoring existing events on service startup. This is now an optional item which can be configured via the advanced options dialog (on a per-log basis).
  • Event Log Monitor: added an option NOT to remove control characters and compress spaces in the event log monitor. This is useful for emailing events as well as in DBCS environments (e.g. in Japan).
  • added additional reliability checks to the service so that an invalid configuration is handled better
  • ODBC Database Action: Has been completely rewritten. It is much more flexible and configurable. You can dynamically add and remove fields you want to update in your Database Action.

    Bug fixes in the EventReporter Service

  • Filter Engine: Fixed a bug with the Event Type filter, it was ignored.
  • Property Engine: Fixed a bug that the %NTEventLogType% property could not be found.
  • SendSyslog Action: If the message format was customized, the message was completely altered and not temporary. This has been fixed now.
  • General Registry Changes: From now EventReporter will handle line feeds different as you can’t import them by regedit.exe. The change is completely transparent to all functions.
  • General Bug fix: Removed a memory leak that was caused by disabled actions.
  • General Bug fix: Fixed a bug that could cause a leak of TCP Connections under stress circumstances (for example having more then 5000 failed connections per minute).
  • Debugging: Added more debug support into the debug log file
  • Bug fix: when an empty Syslog tag value was configured in any service, garbage could be used instead. This has been corrected.
  • Database Action: Highly optimized the new database action, it’s a lot faster now.
  • Database Action: Removed a bug which caused slow performance under stress circumstances.

    New Features in the EventReporter Client

  • MonitorWare Agent Client: Added more common functions (like using CTRL + S everywhere) and made it more user-friendly.
  • MonitorWare Agent Client: Copy and paste works on many positions now
  • MonitorWare Agent Client: Filter Editor: Enhanced the filter editor with a few new features. This includes copy&paste, add comments per filter and minor others. The copy&Paste feature works also between different rules and filter sets.
  • MonitorWare Agent Client: Handling Actions: Actions are also copy&paste able now. You can copy&paste them between rules and even rulesets if you want.
  • MonitorWare Agent Client: Expanded in Treeview: Is now saved. That means the Client will open exactly like you left it last time.
EventReporter 7 Beta 1
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