EventReporter 6.4 Beta Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2004-10-20.

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of EventReporter 6.4. Users might wonder why we announce betas of both versions 6.4 and 7.0 at the same time. The reason is that the 6.4 release is a pure maintenance relase, which will turn into a final, production version very soon. The 7.0 release contains considerable additional functionality and improvements. It is targeted to be final released by the end of the year.

Version 6.4 is a stability update containing some new features. These are:

  • Improved EventReporter alive Monitoring – EventReporter now supports the “MonitorWare Echo Reply Service”. With its help, EventReporter health can be actively monitored from a MonitorWare Agent system.
  • New Bulk Reporting Options – the event log monitor can now be instructed to ignore existing events either on the first or each startup.
  • Enhanced “Log to Event Log” action – now allows to fully customize event source, message text and event ID.
  • Improved corrupt event log handling – allows to customize the action to be taken when the Windows event log became corrupted.
  • Greatly enhanced Configuration Program – there are numerous helpful additions to the configuration program, like full copy &: paste support for almost all functions now, new shortcut keys, persistent treeview display and much more. There is also a new wizard that greatly simplifies the initial setup.
  • Comments, Comments, Comments… – as our customers create more and more complex rule sets, comment-capabilities are becoming more important than ever. Now, you can provide comments for everything in your configuration, including filter settings.
  • Of course, some bug fixes.

For more details, please read the Version History.
EventReporter 6.4 Beta 1 is a free download from Adiscon’s web site

EventReporter 6.4 Beta Released
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