EventReporter 7.0 Final Released

Release Date: 2005-04-11

Build-IDs: Service 7.0.252, Client 7.0.173

Service Changes

  • Added new Service: MonitorWare Echo Reply service has been added and it ensures that always a fresh probe of the remote EventReporter service is done.
  • Custom Event Logs: EventReporter in addition to the six standard event logs can now also monitor all custom event logs typically generated by .NET applications.
  • Write to Database Action: This action has been totally rewritten and now provides more flexibility. Almost everything is customizable and fine-tunable to exact customer needs. For the SystemEventProperties table, a “Maximum value length” can be set for text fields. This allows the truncation of large text fields.
  • Event Log Monitor: An advanced option is added and now it is possible to select a file as event log source and process event log entries out of it.
  • Start Program Action: Now it supports the property replacer, it means that the parameter-passing is now much more powerful. Parameters can now be drawn from the full set of event properties. Of course, the previous format can also be selected if needed.
  • SETP Action: With new received timeout settings, it is possible to control how long a SETP session would be established. The big plus of these timeouts is that they can save considerable network overhead especially in the case of SSL-protected sessions.
  • Enhanced “Log to Event Log” action: It now allows to fully customize event source, message text and event ID.
  • New Bulk Reporting Options: You can instruct EventReporter to ignore existing events either on the first or each startup.


Client Changes

  • Greatly enhanced Configuration Program: There are numerous helpful additions to the configuration program, like full copy & paste support for almost all functions now, new shortcut keys, persistent treeview display and much more.
  • Performance optimizations: EventReporter traditionally performs very well but processing of large number of security event log entries has considerably speeded up.
  • SETP Data Compression: The SETP sender now includes the option to send events in ZIP-compressed format. Depending on the events being forwarded, this can save an average of about 30% of traffic.
  • General: More common functions like copy & paste every where including actions, enhanced filter editors, expanded tree view has been added.


Bug fixes

  • Filter Engine: Fixed a bug with the event type filter.
  • Property Engine: Fixed a bug due to which the %NTEventLogType% property could not be found.
  • Send Syslog Action: If the message format was customized, the message was completely altered instead of temporary. This has been fixed now.
  • General Registry Changes: Now EventReporter handles line feeds different as you can not import them by regedit.exe. The change is completely transparent to all functions.
  • General Bug fix: Removed bugs like a memory leak that was caused by disabled actions and a bug that could cause a leak of TCP connections under stress circumstances.
  • Debugging: Added more debug support into the debug log file.
  • Bug fix: when an empty Syslog tag value was configured in any service, garbage could be used instead. This has been corrected.
  • Database Action: Highly optimized the new database action, it’s a lot faster now and also removed a bug which caused slow performance under stress circumstances.
EventReporter 7.0 Final Released
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