EventReporter 6.0 Final Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2003-08-01

EventReporter 6.0 Final is available immediately. It provides a major feature upgrade over previous versions. “We are very happy to finally have EventReporter version 6 out.” says president Rainer Gerhards, “It has undergone rigorous testing as we know our users expect flawless performance from us.”

EventReporter 6 is a milestone in event reporting technology. The EventReporter 5.x technology has been combined with the high-performance MonitorWare engine. This combination provides the best of both at a very competitive price. The new engine brings many very useful new features. It also enables the quick inclusion of even more features in the future. For example, support for reliable syslog (RFC 3195) will be included in the next minor release.

“I would like to especially thank all beta testers who helped making it such a great release”, says Rainer Gerhards, “in fact, the release cycle from EventReporter 5 to EventReporter 6 took very long – we wanted to make sure that everything runs very smoothly. From now on, we expect to come back to our normal cycle of a major release roughly once a year with minor releases every 3 to 6 months”.

New features include:

  • Powerful Rule Engine – this removes all restrictions that the event processing in EventReporter 5.x had.
  • More Actions – Flat File Logging, ODBC Database Logging, Start External Programs, Net Send a message and other new actions provide great flexibility. All can be done directly from EventReporter!
  • Complex Filters – Remember the useful but limited filter capabilities in previous EventReporter versions? They are history. Use filter expressions as complex as you like with EventReporter 6. Filter conditions look similar to those from Microsoft’s network monitor tool.
  • Multiple Monitor Instances – if you have a need for multiple instances, you can now create as many as you want!
  • Heartbeat Service – a periodic heartbeat can be configured so that the “dead” machines can easily be detected.
  • New Manual – now in html help format answering all questions about EventReporter.

Do I need a new license Key? Yes you do. If you have UpgradeInsurance, contact sales@adiscon.com with your UI-ID and you will get a new key by email.

EventReporter 5.x users are strongly advised to read our upgrade instructions before upgrading. If you have any non-technical questions on EventReporter 6.x , please visit our FAQ.

For more details, please read the Version History.

EventReporter  6.0 Final is available immediately. Download your copy today!

EventReporter 6.0 Final Released
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