EventReporter 6.0 Final Release

Release date: 2003-08-01

EventReporter 6.0 Final is available immediately. After months of testing, EventReporter 6 has become very stable. At least because it shares it’s core engine from our product MonitorWare Agent. The new version comes with a newly designed enhanced multi-threading background service. It has a new powerful Filter-Engine which allows you to build very complex filters like known from Microsoft Network Monitor and it has many new actions.

UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS: Existing EventReporter 5.x users, please read the following lines.

Because nearly everything changed from basic application design, a special upgrade process has been added into the EventReporter Client. That means after you installed EventReporter 6.0, you will have to start the EventReporter Client first! It will ask you to update your configuration then. Proceed these steps, and you will have all your configuration updated to the new version. Please read the Upgrade Wizard carefully, it will ask you if you want to delete the old configuration after update.

All changes since EventReporter 6.0 RC 1:

  • Stability – Minor stability changes were made since 6.0 RC1.
  • EventReporter Client – Added more ContentMenu Option to add Services, Actions, RuleSets or Rules.
  • EventReporter Client – If you deleted a RuleSet, all Filters of RuleSets below the deleted one were lost. This bug has been corrected now.

Changes since Eventreporter 5.x:

  • New Powerful Rule based engine – You can know process as many actions in rules as you want.
  • New Actions – Flat File Logging, ODBC Database Logging, Start external Programs, Net Send a message and other new actions.
  • New Scaleable Filter engine -The new filter engine as very powerful, you can build complex filter conditions like known from Microsoft Network Monitor. If you are new to this kind of filtering, I recommend that you read the Filter Conditions part of the manual before you start to play with the filters.
  • Multiple EventlogMonitors – They are possible, but usually one EventlogMonitor is enough.
  • Multiple Rule Bases – each EventlogMonitor instance can have a specific rule base assigned. And each Rule base can have multiple Rules with multiple actions.
  • Large Burst Support – EventReporter has a unique high performance engine that guarantees message buffering during even the most extreme burst traffic.
  • Scaleable Filter engine – The new filter engine as very powerful, you can build complex filter conditions like known from Microsoft Network Monitor.
  • Add Comments – You can Add Comments under Services, RuleSets, Rules and Actions now. This is useful if you want to write down some notes.
  • New Import / Export functions – It is now possible to Import or Export the registry settings by using a binary format.
  • Import / Export RuleSets – You can Import / Export complete RuleSets into a XML Based format (Right click a RuleSet). This can be very useful if you want to duplicate RuleSets for example. The Client uses its own file extension here (.erx = EventReporter XML) which is also bound to the Client. That means double-clicking such a File will automatically invoke the Client to import the RuleSet.
  • New Manual – A new manual is included in this version which explains how the new EventReporter works. It is not final yet, so it will be updated soon.
EventReporter 6.0 Final Release
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