EventReporter 11.1 Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2010-04-26

Adiscon is proud to announce the 11.1 release of EventReporter. This release includes important new features and minor bug fixes. New features are:

  • Old-Style Format Emulation for Event Parameters – the old Windows Event Log system contained numbered parameters (name “ParamX” in our implementation). The new style implementation (e.g Windows 7, Windows Server 2008) does not support them in the same way. The Event Log Monitor V2 is still able to provide parameters in the “old style” format, what means that log analysis scripts can receive a consistent stream of data for both new style and old style Windows events.
  • Improved Support for NetApp Filer and similar devices – which enables to integrate their event logs into a central repository. For this, EventReporter is executed on a Windows system and pulls NetApp Events via the NetApp event log API. Note that there are various modes for doing this, and all of them have some specifics in addition to the “usual” requirements found in the Microsoft API specification. EventReporter knows these specifics and has special code to work with them.
  • Support for old-style Windows Event Log Backup Files – Current Windows releases (like Windows 2008 Server) cannot read event log backup files from older Windows systems utilizing the old-style event API. This holds also true for event log files created by third-party applications in that format (and there are such third-party applications). EventReporter is capable to read and process these files on any Windows platform, including the most recent ones.

For more details read the version history

EventReporter 11.1 Released
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