EventReporter 11.1 Released

Release Date: 2010-04-26

Build-IDs: Service 11.1.331, Client 11.1.374

New Additions


  • EventLog Monitor V2
    – Added %ParamX% emulation Option in EventLog Monitor V2
  • EventLog Monitor V1
    – Changed Checksum verification method, so it works along with third party Eventlog applications like NETAPP Filer.
    – Implemented Fallback method to reading and process EventLog *.evt Backupfiles created on Windows XP/2003 or earlier. This workaround is needed to process these files on Windows VISTA/7/2008.
  • Send Mail Action
    – Added Switch to support old localized date header. This is needed for mail readers, that do not support UTC in date header.
  • PlaySound Action
    – Due the security service hardening in Windows, the PlaySound Action will not work on Windows VISTA/7/2008 anymore, unless you run the service in console mode.





  • EventLog Monitor V2
    – Added missing check if rule processing failed.
  • EventLog Monitor V1
    – Hardened Checksum Method against various race conditions.
  • Forward Syslog Action
    – Fixed Action error handling of the Connect attempt failed.


EventReporter 11.1 Released
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