EventReporter 10.1 Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2009-04-06

Adiscon is proud to announce the 10.1 release of EventReporter. This is a minor release including new features and minor bugfixes. The most important changes are:

  • Enhanced Encoding support – Support for UTF8, JIS, EUC-JP have been enhanced and support for SHIFT-JIS has been added. All of these encodings can now be safely used in the Forward Syslog or Email Action. The Syslog Server needs to be able to detect encodings.
  • Backup Syslog Server – The Forward Syslog Action now has an option to use a backup Syslog server which will automatically used when the primary Syslog server fails.
  • Added New Filters – Added missing InformationUnit Type filters.
  • Improved automation support – when using the configuration client program for batch-import xml-based configuration files, error messages will now be reported in console output rather then in message boxes.

For more details read the version history

EventReporter 10.1 Released
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