EventReporter 8.2 Released

Release Date: 2006-10-25

Build-IDs: Service 8.2.272, Client 8.2.237

New Additions

  • EventLog Monitor

    A ressource library cache has been added. This new feature will mainly be useful for the Eventlog Monitor. All libraries will be cached for 30 minutes by default. For events with the same reoccuring event sources, this will be a great performance enhancement. The cache will also work for remote system libraries (requires administrative default shares).

  • OpenSSL

    Updated the OpenSSL components and libraries with the latest Version openssl-0.9.8d.

  • Debug Logging

    When having Debug Logging enabled, the Username used for the Service will be printed below the Version Build number now. This is usefull for debugging purposes.


Bug Fixes

  • Filter Engine

    Added a missing InfoUnit Filter: IsHeartBeat.

  • ForwardSyslog Action

    Fixed a wrong Session Timeout value in case TCP was selected as protocol. This caused each TCP Session to be closed after usage. The session will now remain open for 30 minutes by default.


EventReporter 8.2 Released
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