EventReporter 5.4 Final Release

Release Date: 2002-10-11

EventReporter 5.4 (Build 163) has been released into public on 2002-10-11. The new version offers the same as well as new enhancements (As bug fixes) as the 5.4 Release Candidate 1

  • Added Options for LogType. The event logtype (Like “Application”) can now added into a message. There will also a new xml tag for the logtype. See the documentation for more.
  • There is a new setup for Windows NT available (witch does not need ServicePack level 6).Please note that there was a minor update to service build 158 on 2002-01-28 fixing a bug in the advanced filter rules. As it was a minor fix, we did not increase the version number. If you experience problems with the advanced filter rules, make sure you have build 158. This can be seen in Help/About.
EventReporter 5.4 Final Release
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