EventReporter 5.3 Final Release

Release Date: 2002-01-21

This version (build 157) has been released to the public on 2002-01-21. It contains some fixes and major enhancements. It is part of all EventReporter download sets beginning at the build date.

  • Binary data contained in the event log records can now be (optionally) forwarded to the message receiver.
  • Support for sending both email AND syslog messages for the same event. This is done via the advanced filters configuration.
  • Fixed a bug in Japanese language encoding. Half size kana characters were improperly translated in any mode besides “System Default”.
  • Customizable email subject line – the subject can now contain actual data fields. Great for notifying pagers.
  • Events can now be reported in XML format. This allows easy extension with new data fields as they become available. It can also easily parsed with most script languages.
  • With the XML format, the category field of the event log can be forwarded
  • French language support in the EventReporter client
  • This release fully supports all feature of Windows XP and has received the “Designed for Windows XP” logo from Microsoft.
  • A number of client improvements – for example, the existing event sources can now be read out by the advanced filter dialog and need not to be manually entered.
  • French language support for the EventReporter client
  • Added a feature to prevent syslog server and network overload by allowing to throttle the rate by which EventReporter sends out event reports (default is now around 200 events per second maximum).
EventReporter 5.3 Final Release
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