EventReporter 15.0 Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2016-12-08

Adiscon is proud to announce the 15.0 release of EventReporter.

EventReporter now fully supports Windows Server 2016 and is ready to be used in the most demanding environments. For this, integration in enterprise-systems like SNMP has been greatly enhanced and simplified.

Also, the latest RELP subsystem is now supported. As another highlight, internationalization has been enhanced by even better support and automatic detection of various character sets, including for example Japanese. This also offers proper message translation between e.g. SNMP and syslog messages and can be used to normalize message flows.

Detailed information can be found in the version history.

Version 15.0 is a free download. Customers with existing 14.x keys can contact our Sales department for upgrade prices. If you have a valid Upgrade Insurance ID, you can request a free new key by sending your Upgrade Insurance ID to sales@adiscon.com. Please note that the download enables the free 30-day trial version if used without a key – so you can right now go ahead and evaluate it.

EventReporter 15.0 Released
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