EventReporter 12.0 Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2011-05-03

Adiscon is proud to announce the 12.0 release of EventReporter. This new major release focusses on international support. First of all, it now provides full IPv6 support throughout the complete engine, including all services and actions. This provides an easy transition to the new protocol just in time when the migration becomes more important to many customers. Also, the new release provides far better support for Unicode, both in messages being processed as well as internal handling, like the write to database actions.

The improved Unicode support increases interoperability for example in Asia. Not only is it easier to have the correct character set persisted to files and databases, it now also is possible to send Unicode via RFC5424-formatted messages to standards-compliant remote hosts.

The new IPv6 support is currently of most benefit for customers in countries with very limited IPv4 address ranges. However, it enables a smooth transition to the new protocol to customers everywhere. It is considered an important milestone towards the next generation of the Internet.

In addition to these top features, the new version includes additional new capabilities, like native support for backup EVTX files. There are various use cases for this capablity. An important one is that some SAN devices export their event log in the form of an ETVX file, which now can natively be read by EventReporter. The new release also contains some bug fixes.

Detailled information can be found in the version history.

EventReporter 12.0 Released
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