EventReporter 9.2 Released

Release Date: 2008-03-31

Build-IDs: Service 9.2.301, Client 9.2.302

New Additions


  • Send Email Action
    Added support for SSL over SMTP. This means you can use a secured connection to SMTP Servers. Note that the common default port for SMTP over SSL is 465. If you enable SSL Support and use a normal SMTP Server, the email delivery will fail.
  • Queue Manager
    Added a new major feature, Queue Manager Diskcache. This feature enables the Agent to cache items in its internal queue on disk using a fixed data file.
    Warning(!), this feature will slow down processing speed depending on your hard disk speed. This feature can give you an additional level of failover support.
  • Filter Engine
    Added a new Extended Property type for number based properties, so you can filter for custom properties as numbers.


Bug Fixes


  • EventLog Monitor V2
    – Events from this source are now correctly received by the SETP Server.
  • Core Engine
    – The Service Core has been updated to use the latest Microsoft C-Runtime library.
    – Corrected incorrect client license counter, which could lead to smaller number of licenses than purchased.
  • Forward Syslog Action
    – Fixed a bug in the RealSource Option, the proper “source” was not set correctly after opening a syslog session.


EventReporter 9.2 Released
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