EventReporter 3.0 Beta 3

Release Date: 1998-11-01

This version has been released to the public on November, 1st 1998.

Beta 2 was a private build. Beta 3 contains some fixes. This version is scheduled to become the final release.

  • Beta 1 lost a couple of log messages if there was a high logging demand. Beta 3 fixes that.
  • Performance has greatly been improved by avoiding unnecessary writes during each iteration
  • Fixed a bug which caused EvntSLog to stop logging when the event log was reset. Please note: this was not a beta bug, but a bug contained in all previous releases of EvntSLog.
  • Fixed a bug which caused EvntSLog to become unresponsive during longer sleep periods (> 15 seconds). EvntSLog is now a multithreaded service.
  • Location of registry parameters was incorrectly printed during service installation (evntslog -i). This was mere a cosmetic problem, but caused user confusion.
  • Release history in documentation improved.
EventReporter 3.0 Beta 3
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