EventReporter 11.2 Released

Release Date: 2010-08-02

Build-IDs: Service 11.2.336, Client 11.2.388

New Additions


  • Forward Syslog Action
    Added support for Syslog TLS (RFC 5425) using your own certificate and keyfile, or the anonymous mode. When using the anonymous method, no client certifcate is needed.
  • Send Mail Action
    Added support for STARTTLS command. This extension is required for SMTP Servers which can optionally enable encryption during communication.
  • Updated OpenSSL Components to v1.0.0 for more SSL/TLS stability
  • Property Engine
    Added property replacer option “replacepercent”. This option replaces all % occurrences with %%, which is needed in case that a string is reprocessed using the property engine.





  • Send Mail Action
    Fixed time issue in when “Use UTC Time” option was disabled
  • EventLog Monitor V1 / V2
    If a percent character occurs in the eventlog message, it needs to be replaced with a double %%, so the property engine can work with it proberly. This has been fixed now
EventReporter 11.2 Released
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