All EventReporter features can be used for 30 days after installation without a license. However, after this period a valid license must be purchased. The process is easy and straightforward.

The License

The end user license agreement (EULA) is displayed during setup. If you need to receive a copy of the license agreement, please contact us via the Customer Service System. The license agreement of the current version can be also found on the web site of the product: https://www.eventreporter.com/eventreporter-eula/

Which Edition is for Me?

Information on all available EventReporter editions can be found on the web at the following URL. This includes a feature comparison.


Pricing & Ordering

Please visit https://www.eventreporter.com/products-prices/order-now/ to obtain pricing information. This form can also be used for placing an order online. If you would like to place a purchase order, please visit https://www.adiscon.com/purchase-orders/ to obtain details.

If you would like to receive assistance with your order or need a quote, please contact us via the Customer Service System.