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Centralized Logging


This is the key feature. EventReporter allows consolidation of multiple Windows event logs and forward them automatically to either a system process or an administrator.



Ease of Use


Using the new EventReporter client interface, the product is very easy to setup and customize. We also support full documentation and support for large-scale unattended installations.



Syslog Support


Windows Event Messages can be forwarded using standard Syslog protocol. Windows severity classes are mapped to the corresponding Syslog classes. Syslog Facility codes are fully supported.



SETP Support


SETP was originally developed for MonitorWare but now it is a key feature added in EventReporter 6.2 Professional Edition. Windows Event Messages can be forwarded using SETP protocol. Click here for more information on SETP.



Email Support


Windows event log information can also be delivered via standard Internet email. This option is an enabler for smaller organizations or service providers unattended monitoring their client's servers.



Local Filtering


EventReporter can locally filter events based on the Windows event log type (e.g. "System" or "Application") as well as severity.





Support for IPv6 is available in all network related facilities of the engine. All network related actions will automatically detect IPv6 and IPv4 target addresses if configured. You can also use DNS resolution to resolve valid IPv6 addresses. Network related Services can either use IPv4 or IPv6 as internet protocol. In order to support both protocols, you will need to create two services. The only exception is the RELP Listener, which uses IPv4 and IPv6 automatically if available.



Full Windows 2000*, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, 10, 2012 and Windows 2016 Support


We had full Windows 2000*, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, 10, 2012 and Windows 2016 support since these products were released! All extended Windows 2000 log information can be gathered, fully decoded and processed. Custom event logs can also be processed.





EventReporter is running in a large number of installations. It is written to perform robustly even under unusual circumstances. Its reliability has been proven at customers' side since 1997.



Remote Administration


The client interface can be used to remotely manage EventReporter instances.



Minimal Resource Usage


EventReporter has no noticeable impact on system resources. It was specifically written with minimal resource usage in mind. In typical scenarios, its footprint is barely traceable. This ensures it can also be installed on heavily loaded servers.



Full Windows Event Log Decoding


EventReporter can fully decode all types of Windows event log entries. It has the same capabilities like event viewer.



Windows Service


The EventReporter Service is implemented as a native multithreaded Windows service. It can be controlled via the control panel services applet or the computer management MMC (Windows 2000).



Double Byte Character Set Support (e. g. Japanese)


EventReporter supports characters encoded in double byte character sets (DBCS). This is mostly used with Asian languages like Japanese or Chinese. All DBCS strings are forwarded correctly to the syslog daemon or email recipient. However, the receiving side must also be able to process DBCS correctly. Adiscon's syslog daemon for Windows, WinSyslog, does so. The output character encoding is selectable and support Shift-JIS, JIS and EUC-JP for Japanese users.



Multi-Language Client


The EventReporter client comes with multiple languages ready to go. Out of the box English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese are supported. Languages can be switched instantly. Language settings are specific to a user.


Additional languages can be easily integrated using Adiscon's brand new XML based localization technology. We ask customers interested in an additional language for a little help with the translation work (roughly 1 hour of work). Adiscon will then happily create a new version. This service is free!



Friendly User Interface


New Cloning feature has been also added to the EventReporter Client. In short you can now clone a Ruleset, a Rule, an Action or a Service with one mouse click. Move up and Move down function has been added for Actions in the EventReporter Client. The EventReporter Client Wizards has been enhanced for creating Actions, Services and RuleSets. And other minute changes!



Handling for low-memory cases


MWAgent allocates some emergency memory on startup. If the system memory limit is reached, it releases the emergency memory and locks the queue. That means not more items can be queued, this prevents a crash of the Agent and the queue is still being processed. Many other positions in the code have been hardened against out of memory sceneries.



* Support for Windows 2000 and other EOL operating systems is only partially available. Only a minimal service installation may be possible. More details: Information for a Mass Rollout