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Command Line Switches

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There are several command line switches available for using the agent via the command line.



Show command line help


Show version information


Install service


Remove (uninstall) service

-i "CustomServiceName"

Install service with a custom servicename

-u "CustomServiceName"

Uninstall a service with a custom servicename


Run as console application

-r -o

Run ONCE as console application


If you install the service, you can start and stop the service with the "net start" and "net stop" commands. By using the "-r" switch, you run it only on the command line. When you close the command line, the program will stop working.


The "-v" switch gives you information about the version of the service.



You can import Adiscon Config Format (cfg) configuration files via the commandline as well. The syntax is quite easy. Simply execute the configuration client and append the name of the configuration file. This could look like this:


mwclient.exe example.cfg

Sample for MonitorWare Agent

CFGEvntSLog.exe example.cfg

Sample for EventReporter

WINSyslogClient.exe example.cfg

Sample for WinSyslog

RSyslogConfigClient.exe example.cfg

Sample for RSyslog Windows Agent




mwclient.exe "example.cfg"

Sample for MonitorWare Agent

CFGEvntSLog.exe "example.cfg"

Sample for EventReporter

WINSyslogClient.exe "example.cfg"

Sample for WinSyslog

RSyslogConfigClient.exe "example.cfg"

Sample for RSyslog Windows Agent


After this is executed, you will se the splash screen of the configuration client and then the import dialogue, which you have to confirm manually.


For doing a silent import, the "/f" (without the quotes) parameter has to be appended. This will look like this:


mwclient.exe "example.cfg" /f


In this case, the filename of the configuration has to be used with the quotes.