If you do not want to use the full string from the property, you can specify a start position here. There are two ways to specify the start location:

Fixed Character position

If you know exactly on which position the string of interest begins, you can use a fixed location. In this case, simply specify the character position containing the first character of interest. Character positions are counted at 1.

Search Pattern

A search pattern is specified as follows:


If a search pattern is specified, the property value is examined and the first occurence of <search-pattern> is detected. If it is not found, nothing is returned. If it is found, the position where the pattern is found is the start postion or, if the option “$” is specified, the position immediately after the pattern.

The search pattern may contain the “?” wildcard character, which represents any character. Other wildcards are not supported with the property replacer.

Please note that a slash inside the search pattern will terminate the search field. So pure slashes can not be used. However, they can be escaped by prefixing them with a backslash (). The same applies to the ‘?’ character. For example, if you intend to search for "http://" inside a search pattern, you must use the following search string: "/http:///".

Default Value

If the FromPos is not specified, the property string is copied starting at position 1.