Database Monitor

Database-Monitor created events are a bit different than other events. The reason is that the database fields themselves become properties - but obviously these are not fixed but depend on what you monitor.

All queried data fields are available as properties via their database field name prefixed with “db-“.

An example to clarify: we assume the following select statement is used for the database monitor:

select name, street, zip, city from addresses

There is also an ID column named “ID”. So the event generated by this database monitor will have the following specific properties:

  • db-ID
  • db-name
  • db-street
  • db-zip
  • db-city

These properties will contain the field values as they are stored in the database. Please note that NULL values are translated into empty strings (“”), so there is no way to differentiate a NULL value from an empty string with this version of the database monitor.

Other than the custom “db-” properties, no specific database monitor properties exist.