Error 1067 "Process Terminated unexpectedly" - what to do?

Created on 1998-August-29 by Rainer Gerhards.

I'm evaluating evntslog for use on our LAN and experiencing problems with it. Currently, when I start the evntslog service, it always stops with:

Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.

Checking the remote syslog daemon shows the program wrote the Application event log to the remote host, but nothing else. Though the registry settings show that the system log was written as well - perhaps it gets a bit further when trying to start the service at boot?

This problem is related to a Windows NT hotfix (post NT4 SP3) called LSA2-FIX. It occurs with all EvntSLog versions up until and including 2.0. EvntSLog has been fixed with versions 2.01 and above.

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